New Solar panel cleaning robot Invented by Ecoppia.

New Solar panel cleaning robot Invented by Ecoppia.

Israeli robotic cleaning specialist Ecoppia has created a new way for solar panel cleaning at the SmarterE event in Munich, Germany.

The Ecoppia H4 robot is a totally autonomous water-free cleaning device that directs dust particles from the surface of the module downwards using microfibers and regulated airflow.

Ecoppia’s product marketing manager, Maayan Stern states that “Like all Ecoppia’s solutions, the Ecoppia H4 is designed to cater to the needs of large and ultra-large utility scaled ground-mounted projects all over the world. Thanks to its swift cleaning abilities, the H4 can clean 1Km in less than 1 hour. It is ideal for humid environments when cleaning windows are limited.”

The robot can clean from either side of the module row thanks to an innovative auto-switch, which the manufacturer claims reduce cleaning time. The device travels horizontally and cleans the panels vertically.

The machine has a cleaning speed of 22 meters per minute and may weigh up to 50 kg. The cleaning tilt ranges from 16 to 50 degrees, and it may be used with either a PV system with fixed mounting systems or with single-axis trackers.

The robot has a LifePo4 battery, MTTP functionality, and its own solar panels. The robot can offer the safest, most practical, and most adaptable option on the market, according to Stern, because of its speed flexibility, flexible cleaning, and frame. The master control allows one to schedule cleaning, deactivate or enable certain robots, or instantaneously dispatch all robots back to the base.

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